Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

I do not share any private information of my clients which includes emails, texts, telephone calls and numbers.



Services given by Maureen Britton are not intended to replace a licensed medical doctor, licensed veterinarian for your pets or health care professional.


Maureen Britton makes no claims that her services will cure any illnesses or aliments for persons or pets. Maureen Britton disclaims any liability arising from information discussed in a session, directly or indirectly.


Maureen Britton does not diagnose any illnesses, treat any conditions, or prescribe any substances. Energy work is a natural method of healing. The word healing means bring the body to balance. The body may need several treatments in order to bring it back to balance. Reiki works different for each and everyone of us. People with serious health conditions should consult their licensed physician.


You must be 18 years of age to receive any sessions or have proof of parental guardian consent.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds on sessions or deposits for courses. They are transferable if needed within a year.



Services are charged in Canadian dollars.
Payments maybe made through PayPal, Visa, Master Card and E-Transfers. E-Transfers are done via online banking.
Gifts Certificates are available.