Energy Clearing – Homes, Offices and Businesses

Home Business Energy Clearing | Maureen BrittonAll buildings (new and old) carry energy. New buildings will carry the energy of those who built it. Older structures will carry the energy of the previous occupants and the many individuals who have passed through the doors. Negative energy that has been left behind can affect how you feel when you enter a building.

Before moving into a new home, have the existing energy cleared so you can fill the space with your own unique energy.

When selling a home, it is equally important to clear your family’s energies from the home to make potential buyers feel more comfortable.

Yearly energy clearing in offices and stores will remove negative energy that can affect the emotional and physical wellness of employees. Positive energy offers a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere for customers.

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Home Clearings

Store & Office Clearings – Contact for rates (size dependent)

$135 (GST Included)

Distant Home Clearnings

Store & Office Clearings – Contact for rates (size dependent)

$110 (GST Included)

Additional fee for milage may apply depending on travel distance.
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**GST included in all prices.**