Animal Energy Sessions

Animal Energy Healing | Maureen BrittonReiki works on animals just as it does on people. It calms an animal and helps promote wellness. Animals suffer with many of the same ailments as we do:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Body Pain
  • Nerve Disorder
  • Stomach Disorders

Sessions on animals are similar to those on people. I direct my hands over their body, channelling energy to release blockages. Some may fall asleep during or may become restless. The time it takes to do the session varies.

For a distant animal session please send a picture of your loved one, their name and location.

I am a Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association.

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Animal Reiki Session

(Contact for in person and multiple session rates)

$75 (GST Included)

Animal Communication (Distant)

(For lost animals please contact me for pricing/consult)

$90 (GST Included)

* Additional fee for milage may apply depending on travel distance.
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**GST included in all prices.**

Reiki is in no way a replacement for a veterinarians medical care.