I have taken Mediumship courses from Maureen and I learned so much about myself, how to tap into energy and spirituality, while having fun. Truly an amazing experience from a great teacher. – D.S., Regina, Saskatchewan

Reiki Healing:

Thank you Maureen for being so special in my life. I have no words to measure how you are helping me to fill my mind and body with powerful energy. – J.B., Regina, Saskatchewan.

My life was on hold and manipulated by jealous family members. On my journey to free myself since I was young. Maureen is the only healer that has managed successfully to free me from their grip and has moved my life forward successfully, in a way that no other healer has been able to. Maureen is an authentic genuine healer guided by pure white light. I can’t thank her enough fro what she has done for me. – N.B.

As a first timer to Reiki healing I was unaware what to expect. I was more interested in how Reiki could enhance my general well being rather than seeking treatment for illness or pain. I received my three treatments from Maureen in person. I was left feeling calm, relaxed and recharged. It redirected my focus from pressing work and life issues to a state of grace. I was able to refocus on breathe and was once again in control of all thoughts and feelings. I was recharged, ready to take on the day and return home to Vancouver feeling great!

About a month later I contracted a serious stomach flu that was travelling throughout my work place. Unable to navigate beyond the bedroom and bathroom. I was down for the count. Maureen contacted me one day while I was resting, she was following up on the previous sessions. I told her about the illness that myself and my fellow employees had contracted. She offered to begin distance treatments on me and I obliged without hesitation, desperate to get back on my feet.

Day by day I was being relieved of the cramping, shooting pain and fever. I was back on my feet in a couple of days and slowly regained my strength. When I contracted Maureen to thank her she admitted the flu was very serious. She had even experienced sickness to the stomach during the healing. Overall my treatments from Maureen have been excellent! I feel blessed for such a positive introduction to Reiki healing.  – K.B., Vancouver, British Columbia

Reiki has given me back the full flexibility in my knee. Before Reiki treatments my knee was sore, swollen and very stiff. After the first treatment I noticed there was less pain and soreness, even the swelling was down with more treatments. My knee has regained it’s strength and I’m finally feeling back to my normal self. There is no pain, no soreness and no swelling.

I fully recommend Reiki to anyone who maybe suffering from any joint pain or other ailments. I have been able to regain full mobility in my knee without the of use of drugs. I can function without pain for the first time in many years. What a great feeling!  – W. L., Regina, Saskatchewan

I’ve had several Reiki treatments with Maureen and I find her to be a highly intuitive empath. I can sense the energies as she focuses on different areas – feelings of warmth, sheets of colour beneath my eyelids and some sensations I have difficultly describing (I’m not fully familiar with the science of energy healing). Maureen’s treatments definitely helped relieve pain in my left knee (which she picked up as energy emitting from my left big toe), and also with an old shoulder injury that I’d had for so long I’d neglected to mention it – but Maureen picked it up. I highly recommend Maureen for anyone who is thinking about receiving Reiki treatment.  – Mike G., Toronto, Ontario

I couldn’t be happier with the Reiki treatment I received from Maureen. In my never-ending quest to optimize health, I have tried several different energy therapies over the years. Few have left me feeling so energized and refreshed! Post-treatment, I also noticed that much of my “Brain Fog” had cleared, leaving me feeling more focused and much less anxious than I am used to. Maureen is not only incredibly welcoming but she is also a natural healer and gentle presence — I loved the experience and will most definitely be back. – C.R., Vancouver, British Columbia

I felt calm within myself and emotionally at peace after every Reiki treatment. Thank You Maureen. – H.M., Regina, Saskatchewan

During a Reiki treatment with Maureen I felt like I had an out of body experience. It was amazing. – W.L., Regina, Saskatchewan

The Reiki treatment Maureen gave me was very relaxing and intensified my dreams. – S.L., Regina, Saskatchewan

Distance Healing:

Well Maureen, I really admire your work. You are a wonderful woman. Thank you so much for taking care of my beloved Grandmother in Brazil! – J.B., Regina, Saskatchewan

Animal Healing:

Your assistance, insight and energy on our lost dog’s behalf was invaluable to me and countless others that banded together in search of Edna. Your sightings of her locations were spot on. And yes, her front paw was hurting when she returned, just as you had described. You gave us all hope, that the dog was still alive. Edna returned home, shortly after your last conversation with her. Your involvement made a huge difference and I believe helped Edna find her way home, finally. My thanks and appreciation to you Maureen! – Jenny L. M., Chicago, IL, USA

Thanks so much Maureen. My cats are very mellow since the Distant Reiki treatments on them. They also seem to be even more attentive than they were before. I want you to know how much I appreciate your work and the love you give the pets. I feel even closer to them since speaking to you and I feel that I understand them even better. It was a great experience working with you. – A.N.R.,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Hi Maureen, I just wanted to thank you so much for the Reiki treatments you did on my foster dog Juliette. The calm positive energy you transmitted to her brought her out of fear and anxiety. I have never seen her brighten up so much as I did following one of your treatments. You will be happy to know that Juliette has now been adopted! On behalf of myself, speaking of dogs and Juliette.. thank you. – Colleen H., Toronto, Ontario

Reiki Training:

I was “lucky” enough to be guided towards Maureen for my Reiki Master Teacher training.  The first initial email response from Maureen solidified this decision.  Her energy alone and warm presence was very comforting and set the tone for what can only be described as a magical experience.  On top of receiving the highest form of knowledge, love, and wisdom.  I was also blessed with the highest guidance and readings from Maureen.

My attunements for the Master Training can only be described as a Welcome Home Party!  I am forever grateful and appreciative for my time with Maureen. – Stacey

It was truly an amazing experience, thank you Maureen. – S.S.

It was an incredible day,  I’ve never had a day like yesterday in my whole life. You are an incredible teacher and I’m so grateful I had the privilege of learning from you. – C.S.

Home Clearing:

I was having trouble renting one of my properties. I called in Maureen to do an energy clearing and the vacancy filled within 2 weeks. Amazing! Thank you Maureen! – K.R.,       Regina, Saskatchewan