The renowned Arthur Findlay College where I studied Mediumship (Stanstead, United Kingdom).

Soul to Soul Connection – I connect with a loved one that may be unable to talk or express themselves (e.g. Illnesses such as, dementia, Alzheimers, stroke, or nearing end of life). Cost is $90 (GST included). Contact for available bookings.

Card Reading – I am an intuitive messenger. During your reading, I ask the Archangels and Spirit Guides to reveal their message to you – through me.

Mediumship – Provides a connection with loved one’s that have passed. I connect with loved one’s to convey messages and assist in the healing process.

 **Readings/Mediumship are available in person & over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.**

**If paying through PayPal, prices will be subject to applicable PayPal fees**

Card Reading $85 (GST Included)

Mediumship $90 (GST Included)

Soul to Soul Connection  $90 (GST Included)

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**GST included in all prices.**