Psychic Mediumship Workshops

These workshops are about self-discovery. You will experience your innermost feelings, the feelings of others and most exciting of all, Spirit. Below is a brief outline of the workshops:

Level I – Introduction to Mediumship Workshop

Silence/Sitting in your Power – This is a form of meditation that is vital when learning to still the mind. It allows you to recognize your own thoughts and be aware of your body in a relaxed state. You must know yourself first, so that you can recognize anything new which comes into your space.

Meeting your Spirit Guide – Your guides are always with you. In this session, while sitting in your power, you will experience your Spirit Guide. Spirit will give you a sign, a sort of calling card. We will explore this together so you will feel safe and totally at peace. It is a wonderful experience.

Raising your Vibration – When we invite Spirit to join us, there is a change you will feel in your own energy. In this session, you will feel the energies heighten as Spirit comes in and then steps back. We will be working on expanding your Aura to connect with your Spirit Guides.

Level II – Mechanics of Mediumship Workshop

Level II is open to those that have completed the Level I Workshop. This workshop will begin with a brief recap of Level I. Level II will focus on communication. As a medium you must be an effective communicator. To communicate effectively you must know whether or not the recipient has understood what you are telling them. You are to a degree a translator. We will work on strengthening your connection with your Spirit Guides, interpreting messages and signs from your guides. We will be connecting with those from your past as well as those who are still with us. We will focus on evidential mediumship. Thus, providing proof your loved one is with us.

Enhancing Awareness – Exercising your Clairs Workshop

Introduction to our six primary Clairs that work as our intuition. Generally, we are strong in one or two Clairs. This comes naturally to us. However, we have access to all the Clairs and with practice they can become stronger, enhancing our overall awareness. Learning to utilize your Clairs will help with your psychic abilities and mediumship.

Spiritual Guidance – Helping you channel a connection with your Spirit guides and higher self. Together we will work towards helping you achieve your goals.

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Private Psychic/Mediumship Workshop – Level 1 (Available either in person or online)

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