Distant Energy Sessions

Distant Healing | Maureen BrittonReiki can be sent anywhere in the world.  It is Universal Life force energy which is not bound by our physical restraints of space and time.

To send Reiki healing all I need is your name and location. It is best for me to do the session when you are resting or after you have gone to bed.

I visualize and meditate, channeling energy through the body, releasing blockages that may exist within your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual body.

You can also send sessions to your loved ones, someone you know who is suffering from an illness, pain, depression or who is stressed out.  Distant healing can also be done on your pets. Click to read more about Animal healing.

The recipient must consent to the session. If they are unable to give their consent due to an illness, I will ask them psychically before I do the session. They have to accept it by their own free will.

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Distant Reiki Session

(Includes a brief email but no reflection session)

$75 (GST Included)

Distant Reiki & Reflection Session (A connection with spirit for Divine guidance) $90 (GST Included)

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**GST included in all prices.**