Meet Maureen

As a child I often wondered why I was able to see, feel and hear things that others didn’t. With no one to answer my questions, I blocked out what I could. As the years passed, I began to struggle with health issues. Little did I know, this would eventually lead me to revisit my childhood intuition.

During a visit with my sister in Toronto, ON, I received my first Reiki treatment. It was an incredible experience and I was immediately determined to learn how it worked. With that, my journey began.

Upon receiving my Reiki Master/Teacher certification, I left Toronto and returned home to Regina, SK. I could not wait to share my new found passion with my friends, family and the community. I did not limit my work to just people. My love for animals led me to volunteering at the Regina Humane Society working on animals as well. It was at that moment that what I saw, felt and heard as a child began to make sense. Once again I was opened up to my intuitive and psychic abilities.

During my next visit to Toronto, I completed an Angel Light course, connecting energy through card readings and healings. My spirituality soared. My connection with spirits, spirit guides and loved ones that passed took me to further my studies in Mediumship. I attended the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. It was there that I studied Evidential Mediumship.

Canadian Reiki Association | Maureen Britton

 Maureen Britton is a Register Reiki Master/Teacher and Register Animal Practitioner member with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA)